Noni Dorafood – The gift for our health


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  • What is noni?

Noni is a plant with a maximum height of 6 meters when growing up, which has white flowers and lumpy cores. When noni ripes, its pearl peel becomes thin(2) and transparent.

With the amazing ability to survive, noni mainly grows up in volcanic land. Noni has been widely used in global medicine nowadays.

  • Components and effectiveness of noni
  • Relieves normal and chronic pain related to backache or arthritis. In fact, the scientific name of noni is citrifolia, which means “painkilling” in many cultures.
  • Plays the role of energy supply. Current research shows that noni has high nutritional value. According to a researcher of Hawaii University, some important(3) chemicals such as oxit nitric (NO) and cytokine can be found in noni which can prevent the threat of cancer. Lots of research indicates that noni has strong antibiotic power against Ecoli bacterium.
  • Improves physical activities. Noni helps prevent constipation for people suffering from arthritis, muscular pain, auto-immunization.
  • Impedes different kinds of diseases, which is proved by the fact that noni has been used to treat common diseases for many years. Research and experiences prove that noni is a very effective medicine.(4)

Functions of noni: Prevent the following diseases

  1. Control blood pressure
  2. Resist oxydating process
  3. Prevent cancer
  4. Treat gout, anthritis and backache
  5. Reduce muscular spasms and protect the cardiovascular system
  6. Reduce stress by adding adequate vitamins
  7. Protect livers from exposure to external chronic chemicals and severe diseases related to livers’ injuries
  8. Resist mental disorder in relation to the central nervous system
  9. Support the treatment of amnesia
  10. Lower the threat of diabetes type 2
  11. Skincare
  12. Support the treatment of gastric injuries and heal the wounds

Doctor Ralph Henickle, the father of noni, conducted a wide range of research proving that noni is rich in Proxeronine. This chemical is very necessary for everybody’s cells which eliminate poisons and absorbs nutrients. As noni takes effect in cells that become stronger when being used besides normal treatment, the speed of the recovery process is much faster. (5)