True story

History of Dorafoods

The process of formation and development

Dorafoods Production Joint-stock Company was established in 2018. The company has operated in the field of food and beverage production for domestic markets and export. After nearly 1 year, the company focuses on active research into Vietnam’s strong agricultural products.

Raw material area

Dorafoods researched and invested in 2 main raw material areas in Gia Lai and Ninh Thuan. Each raw material area is divided into many small farms that are contracted to indigenous people who have been trained to manage, and strictly apply production processes according to international standards to ensure the best quality of raw materials. .

Care process

Dorafoods applies advanced technologies in planting and taking care of raw material areas. From tissue culture methods to produce the best quality sprouts to the research and use of strictly controlled plant care probiotics. Therefore, the source of raw materials for Dorafoods production is guaranteed to be of good quality, meeting international standards.

Quality control

To create good quality products, Dorafoods strictly controls the entire operation process according to ISO 9001:2015 standard. All materials that do not meet the standards will be removed, crushed and used as microbial fertilizer to provide nutrients to the soil. Good quality raw materials will be put into production on a sterile closed technology line.

Product quality is the pride of Dorafoods. Being the backbone, the lifeblood of development, is also the destination that Dorafoods always protects for the honor of the business.

Production line

Dorafoods’ factory has modern technology and scale, equipped with modern equipment imported from G7 countries and Europe. The entire operating system is implemented according to ISO 9001. The factory’s products are manufactured and managed completely according to ISO 22000 standards to meet strict food safety and hygiene standards.